Japanese cast iron teapots

The origin of Japanese cast iron teapots dates back to the 11th-12th centuries. These traditional Japanese teapots have a finely enameled interior to avoid the risk of oxidation. Japanese artisans have chosen cast iron for making traditional Japanese teapots because this material is a good conductor and helps to accumulate and conserve heat for a long time. They keep the tea warm for one to two hours.

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Teapot cast iron japanese nami The term "nami" means "wave" in japanese. The exterior of this teapot is a relief wave hokusai, traditional design in Japan. Enameled on the inside, this teapot also includes a stainless steel filter screen. The beautiful blue color of this piece is matching to the theme of the wave referring to the color of the ocean. Cast...

102.00 CHF

Tea Service in japanese porcelain 5 cups and a teapot make up this very pretty tea set in black colour. Manufactured in the workshop of a master craftsman, this japanese teapot will quickly become the must have of your dishes. And, as is well known, the black goes with everything ! Your tea service will necessarily be with the decoration of your table or...

73.60 CHF 92.00 CHF -20%

Teapot cast iron japanese style, modern Enameled on the inside, this teapot contains a stainless steel filter screen. Round in shape, red, or black, this model offers a japanese teapot of design aspect. The solid color allows this piece to blend easily with the rest of your dishes : plate, cups, mugs... In red, it will kick-including pep's to your dishes...

96.50 CHF

Teapot porcelain araré In Japan, the tea ceremony is a traditional art which is inspired by buddhism. Following some of the codes, an experienced practitioner prepares, then serves it to a small group of people. This is what, in the West, is seen as a ceremony. This japanese teapot traditional resumes the basics, both in its form and in the colours. Its...

54.00 CHF

Cast iron is an alloy of iron and carbon. This allows to reduce the temperature of fusion of the cast iron. It keeps the heat longer than other materials. This japanese teapot cast iron was imported from Japan to provide you with a quality item. Enameled on the inside, bearing reliefs on the outside, it has been designed by master craftsmen completely...

243.00 CHF

Teapot tokoname In the purest tradition, this teapot is THE teapot, japanese par excellence. Its shape and color earth red to be representative of the ceramics of Tokoname. The black colour is most unusual, it is little used in Japan. This teapot tokoname has been imported from Japan to offer you a beautiful object of high quality. Its curves and shape...

51.00 CHF

Coffee clouds In Japan, the tea ceremony is an ancestral art which is inspired by buddhism. Following some of the codes, an experienced practitioner prepares the drink and then serving it to a small group of people. This is what, in the West, is seen as a ceremony. Painted in blue, the clouds follow the codes of the aesthetic is japanese. Constructed of...

52.00 CHF

Teapot cast iron modern Hand-made, this japanese teapot cast iron, enameled inside, has a shelf life of several generations. Its round shape is resolutely modern, gives the object an unusual appearance and original. The color of the object allows it to blend easily into the décor of your interior. Available in sorts, different colors : black, orange and...

105.00 CHF

Teapot cast iron sakura Hand-made, this japanese teapot cast iron has a life span of several generations. Its manufacture has several important steps that the craftsmen follow scrupulously. The name of this tea comes in both colors available. "Sakura" is the japanese name of cherry. This tree flowering in the spring is very pretty and many pink flowers....

100.00 CHF

Teapot cast iron chart This teapot cast iron japanese blue will preserve better the taste of your tea, a teapot in another material. The artisans japanese trust the cast iron and use it a lot in their manufacturing because it is conductive, which enables you to keep the heat of your beverage much longer. On your table, this japanese teapot will allow the...

105.50 CHF

Teapot cast iron chart To not get all over your tablecloth, this japanese teapot traditional lends you his spout anti-drip. Thanks to its handle, you can pour fans your cup full of your beverage. The cast iron retains the heat for as long as necessary (but within reasonable limits !). Her look blue and aged, very trendy, can see change over time. It is a...

105.50 CHF
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