In japan, the bento is a item This is not a simple way to carry meals, it is the art and how to provide a balanced meal highlighting the food of playful and sophisticated.
In general the box at bento japanese is divided into different categories : the largest for starchy foods such as rice or pasta, the second for the protein, such as salmon, the third for vegetables and the fourth for dessert.
In Japan, these bento boxes japanese are very used and you can buy compositions of bento from the supermarket very easily. It is also used to make fun food preparation for children presenting them in bento boxes japanese food in an original way, with cutouts in the shape of characters or animals for example.

Bento box samurai japanese "Bento" means in Japan " meal which is taken fast in a box ". This japanese article , you can take your lunch with you everywhere, at work, on picnics or on holiday, and to eat fresh products all the time. Practical, robust, say goodbye to your sandwich wrapped in aluminum foil and prepare-you have good fresh salads, or rice...

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