Large bowl ramen at the unit sakura japanese Bowl that can possibly serve as the "ramen", but also any other dishes from the west. We have in the same collection, the bowls are smaller and the plates. With motifs of Sakura as design, this bowl sold to the workpiece is essential.

23.00 CHF

Plate porcelain sakura japanese Plate to the room with a grounds filled well of Sakura, the plates are less easy to find in Japan, however, they are quite widespread. The japanese cherry trees are heralds of spring in Japan.

11.50 CHF

Medium bowl in the unit, sakura Japanese Bowl Sakura which means cherry blossom in japanese. This bowl is particularly deep and is ideal to serve your daily meals, they wash easily in the washing machine as most of our products.

14.00 CHF

Bowls japanese "cherry" The set of 4 bowls blue ceramic japanese is ideal for serving all types of rice, grains, and other small dishes. The bowls provide a model with interior floral pattern and the edge contrast. The outside blue evokes a sense of nobility and elegance. These bowls have a shape very aesthetic.

34.00 CHF

Cups japanese colors tsubaki Set of 2 tea cups tsubaki porcelain japanese with flowers patterns tsubaki colored. In japan the cups do not have a cove, so do not fill to the brim to avoid burning.

25.50 CHF

Mug Japanese hana Cup with cove sold piece made by hand by a Japanese family. Each step of the manufacturing process is carefully controlled and in case of default simply throw.

18.50 CHF

Tea box tinplate and japanese paper on the outside, capacity 200GR. The tea box can keep the tea and the protecting of other ingredients or simply for decoration. 2 colors available

12.50 CHF

Bowl japanese small flowers Bring color on your table with your salad presented in ce bowl with motifs of floral that combines perfectly two colors : blue and white. Its sophisticated shapes will delight your guests for a table worthy of the great japanese restaurants.

18.50 CHF

Cups Japanese tea set color blade Made of porcelain, these tea cups are original and colorful - resistant, does't scratch and have a long shelf life. As many different colors on a product is pretty rare in the porcelain Japanese, blue is often the most common colors.

68.00 CHF

Made in Japan offers you a superb set of 5 cups in porcelain, made in Japan by specialized companies that share their know-how, with a mixture between tradition and modernity. Made of porcelain, these tea cups-original-resistant, does't scratch and have a long shelf life.

68.00 CHF

Tea set purple flowers Japanese This tea is for 5 people, it is ideal to serve tea to your friends. This service in porcelain is delicate and very fine, a works a little more detailed was required. It really is not that expensive compared to the work supplied. The colors are made for you to appease.

66.50 CHF

Set wand Japanese with A setassortment of wand japanese, "hashi" have a size of about 20 cm cowever their size varies according to the type of the user. These sticks of qualities are manufactured at the centre of Japan.

15.00 CHF

Bowls japanese "floral" Here is a boxed set of 5 bowls "floral" with different motifs in Japanese porcelain. You will enjoy their multiple reasons that bring a touch of originality, as well as their design blue/white that is timeless. You can use them at breakfast, as a snack, as well as a bowl for presentation of the meal, or an aperitif.

55.00 CHF

Mug ceramic clovers The mug with handle is particularly practical and with style for your hot drink at any time. Imported straight from the region of the "Gifu" Japan, fabricated by a family for 3 generations. The pattern is printed on rice paper, it transfers it to the hand.

18.50 CHF

Medium bowl in the unit, cherry blue This collection is available in smaller bowls and also plates. With a blue color at night and grounds of a branch of cherry inside, this bowl is very rampant in Japan. Perfect for your breakfast or other meals.

15.00 CHF

Pouch, japanese fabric Pocket japanese cotton with a graphic pattern, perfect to put your makeup or other tools that are too small for the purse. Two patterns available in this collection.

19.00 CHF
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