Cover fabric jponaise

16.15 CHF tax incl.


19.00 CHF tax incl.

Pouch, japanese fabric

Sleeve, cotton that slips easily into a purse, a backpack or a suitcase. This is a japanese article designed to hold your makeup products. You can also use it for your sewing accessories, your refills liquid for your electronic cigarettes or to transport the cables of your devices for example.

Manufactured by craftsmen in japan who are passionate about their craft, this pack has an almost unlimited life within the framework of a normal use (that is to say that there is no deformation of the cover when you fill, that you do not pull excessively on the zipper to close it,...)

This japanese product cheap is available in two colors : red for the model sachiko, and blue for the reason nami (" wave "). It follows in the tradition of ornamental japanese, while the design is more contemporary


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Cover fabric jponaise