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The bells in japan are traditionally used to ward off the evil spirits. They are also used to balance the energy universal. Your japanese product has some kind of piece of paper. Register above a poem or your wish more valuable. If you're lucky, the wind will carry, and will come to realize it !

Assubject japanese traditional, this bell wind is adorned with a motif dear to the master craftsmen of japan : the fish. Its color, darker red, it gives the power s to your interior decoration ! Respecting the codes of japanese, this small object will do for the happiness of amateurs as followers of the long-standing japanese art.

On the walk from your door, this lovely fish welcomes your guests with kindness. Ask them to write a small word for it brings good luck ! Note that you can replace the piece of paper, and vary the sizes, and colors.

Do not subject to strong winds.

Made in Japan.

Cast iron


Cardboard box
Bell wind fish

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