Certifié Made in Japan
Set of 5 bowls

50.25 CHF tax incl.


67.00 CHF tax incl.

Bowls japanese black arabesque

This set includes 5 bowls size medium the same pattern. Black, these arabesques are rather rare in Japan. In general, it is the blue color which dominates. The choice of this color gives to this dish a modern japanese the opportunity to shine on a table that is elegant and refined.

Neophytes and experts of theart of the table, the japanese rejoice with generous portions, these bowls can contain. Rice, appetizers, japanese or other, mixed salads, these bowls can hold foods cold or very hot. Their strength is given by the mixture of porcelain and ceramics used by master craftsmen of japan, with which Made in Japan, works.

Directly imported from Japan, we assure you of the quality of these 5 bowls. It remains for you to cook delicious dishes for the honor !


Black and white
Set of 5 bowls