Certifié Made in Japan
Set of 2 bowls with chopsticks

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Bowls with chopsticks japanese "tako karakusa"

This box contains 2 large bowls japanese ramen. Made of ceramic in japanese "tako karakusa" one has a blue motif, while the other is painted red. We think designed for couples ! The drawings represent the leaves, drawing widely used for the decoration of the dishes in japan.

Its size makes it a perfect little bowl, or a pretty way of serving dishes for 2 or 3 people.

These 2 beautiful bowls with 2 pairs of chopsticks japanese made in natural wood.

The mixture of ceramic and stoneware adds a great deal of resistance to these 2 bowls. They will have no trouble in the extremely cold temperatures, as well as the higher (in a reasonable limit for the temperature of food !)


Blue and white
Rouge et blanc
Tako Karakusa
Set of 2 bowls with chopsticks