Certifié Made in Japan
Bowl unit

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Bowl japanese rustic

This super bowl of manufacturing in japan will be amazed by its peculiar shape and its background is white, flat and deep. Uneven, the finish of the flat gives a rustic appearance to this element of the dish in japanese. Its design and its color will quickly make this bowl an essential part to your meal to present in an original way and neat your drinks or your servings of rice.

Cooked at high temperatures, the japanese ceramics ensures strength and durability to your dishes.

Like all the other items in our catalog are sold with the unit, this piece can be added to a service of tableware that you already have, or be the starting point of a new set. The number of designs and different designs give you the opportunity to build a set of dishes custom and unique.

In practice, this bowl is resistant to micro-waves and dishwasher-safe.



Bowl unit