Certifié Made in Japan
Bowl blue

42.00 CHF tax incl.

Bowl japanese blue

This bowl, ceramic japanese will present your salads and other dishes with discretion and class. Its subtle colours allow it to tune with any type of crockery and to draw up tables with dishes that you have cooked.

The touches of brown on the entire outside of the bowl, as well as branches and white flowers in the interior contrast with the whole of the bowl, slightly bluish. This refinement enjoyed by the master artisans of Japan will give your interior a side that is both elegant and rustic. Indulge yourself with this nature break.

Sold individually, this is the opportunity for you to build up a collection of dishes of japanese, you'll be able to customize thanks to the numerous reasons presented in our catalogue.

Resistant, it can move from hot to cold very quickly, without any alteration of the material or the quality of your food.


Bowl blue