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The hashi, or chopsticks, japanese, measure approximately 20 cm. This is an average because, in practice, their length depends on the user. Several customs are associated with this traditional object. Perhaps would it be better to know before you use them in front of a japanese... !

The elegance and distinction of this gorgeous dark red does is bound to continue not with this pretty pair of chopsticks. The upper extremities, you will be able to observe the beautiful designs hand-painted. The contrast of the red with the yellow, white and black floral motifs to prove once again that nature has a very important share of popularity in the japanese culture. Willing to always offer their customers products of high quality, they select carefully the wood that makes up their chopsticks.

To pay tribute to the quality of their work and increase my life span of chopsticks, we recommend that you wash them by hand.

Longueur : 22.5 cm


Hand wash
the room
Pair of baguette