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To perfume your inside, and you give the impression of being out in nature, do burn this incense japanese in your living room. It contains medicinal herbs and sandalwood. Let yourself be enveloped by the smell and relax...

In order to prolong your pleasure and your escape for as long as possible, each stick of incense is expected to last 4 hours. What give you the time to do your yoga, your household, or to do their homework at your children !

Remember to drop your stick on a small pedestal, a cup or a small plate if you do not have a dedicated support. This will preserve your piece of ash and dust.

This gift japanese is ideal for all those who have just moved and are looking to customize their interior without breaking the bank or ruining their entourage !

Other scents are available in our shop !

Hauteur : 38 cm
20 bâtonnets
Ecens shouten

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The range's folding as we know it today was invented by the japanese. Thejapanese fan is an object that is deeply rooted in the japanese culture. On the one hand, this accessory is indispensable in view of the high temperatures encountered in the summer, on the other hand, the japanese fan is known for his under art, through the theatre kakubi, the traditional dance nihon buyô and the narrative art humorous rakugo. In japan there are two kinds of fans : the Uchiwa, which means the range with a set neck, and the Sense or the Ôgi, the hand fan. The japanese fan can be of different shapes : square, oval or round, and is traditionally made of bamboo or wood. Often very colorful, the range of japanese sports grounds Sakura, like the cherry blossoms traditional Japan.


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