Certifié Made in Japan
Mug japanese small flowers

18.50 CHF tax incl.

Mug japanese small flowers

A slight touch of spring and sweetness invites you to your breakfast with this mug japanese. Decorated with a multitude of tiny blue flowers, the decoration of this room responds to the traditions japanese. Imported straight from Gifu, a region known for its specialization in the manufacture of "tojiki" (ceramic), this mug will keep your beverage warm during your tasting.

The traditional design is reproduced on the mug is the signature of the veneration of the artisans for the nature. The art of painting is a way of paying tribute to the beauty of it.

The silhouette of this piece ensures a comfortable hand fit.

Modern, this mug is dishwasher safe and you can reheat your beverage in the microwave. Practice if you don't have a lot of time !


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Mug japanese small flowers