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These seven cups soy come put a little bit of modernity to your table ! They offer to each of your guests the opportunity to have a cup of his own.

A cup in the shape of a green leaf give authenticity to your dressing. 6.7 X 1.5 cm

The cup is in the shape of a black sheet, wants to be original and modern. 6.2 X 2.3 cm

The third cup is reminiscent of the shell of an oyster. Unique Design ! 9.7 X 6 X 3.3 cm

The fourth cup caramel color is matching to the color of your sauce. The object chameleon par excellence ! 9.7 X 6 X 3.3 cm

The fifth cup round retains the sauce, thanks to its curved edges. 9.2 X 7.4 cm

Of square form, the sixth cup is ideal for children : the risk of flooding of the sauce are lower. 7.7 X 7.7 cm

The last cup in the shape of a green leaf invites nature to your table. 4 X 7 cm

Dishes of japanese-style made in Japan.

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Ceramic-porcelain -


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