Certifié Made in Japan
Tea box ball

13.00 CHF tax incl.

Tea box, japanese balloons

The tea tins to protect your japanese tea of the other ingredients. Tightly closed, they conserve the aromas and flavours of your leaves.

2 colors are available for these two beautiful tea tins japanese : a gold background or silver bottoms. The pattern is printed on paper " washi ", the japanese rice paper. Hand-crafted by experienced artisans, these boxes show the expertise and the professional conscience in japan : the finishes are perfect.

In your closet, on your countertop or on your table, these colored boxes will bring a festive touch to your interior.

Regarding maintenance, we recommend that you wash them by hand.

These boxes can contain up to 200 gr of tea leaves.

Manufactured in Japan and imported in France for you.


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Tea box ball