Tea box / 2 color choice

12.00 CHF tax incl.

Tea tins / choice of 2 colours

Lovers of the pleasures of tea to enjoy the aesthetics of this little box of japanese tea. Subscribing to the customs rooted in the japanese artisan, master craftsmen have selected the floral for ornementer this piece. Finely painted, the box can also serve as a decorative element to your interior.

Which may contain 50 to 60 grams of tea, the box allows you to retain all the flavors of your favorite beverage. Practical by its size and its shape, you can take it with you everywhere : at work, in your family or your friends...

The quality of the product is assured by the constant attention that door Made in Japan, in the choice of products and artisans with whom the site works.

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Available in red and blue.


Blue and white
Rouge et blanc
Tea box / 2 color choice