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Leaf tea box

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Are you looking for an original and elegant tea box to keep your precious Japanese green tea? Discover our Japanese washi tea box of 200 grams, handmade with traditional Japanese paper. Washi is a resistant, waterproof and ecological paper, which protects your tea from moisture and light. The Japanese washi tea box of 200 grams is decorated with floral and geometric patterns, inspired by Japanese art and culture. It will bring a touch of refinement and exoticism to your kitchen or living room. The 200 gram Japanese washi tea box can hold about 100 grams of loose tea or 50 tea bags. It is available in several colors and patterns, to choose according to your tastes and your decoration. You will not be disappointed by the quality and charm of this unique and authentic tea box.

Hauteur : 15,50 cm
Diamètre : 7,50 cm
200 grammes
Iron-white, Washi-papier japonais


Hand wash
the room
Leaf tea box

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If Japan is known for its different drinks, tea is probably one of the most shared in the world. Made in Japan offers you a range of Japanese cups and mugs to enjoy your tea or other hot drinks. Discover our Japanese cups and mugs made of porcelain, ceramic or sandstone created thanks to the expertise of the Japanese master craftsmen and offering a wide variety of colors and patterns.


The origin of Japanese cast iron teapots dates back to the 11th-12th centuries. These traditional Japanese teapots have a finely enameled interior to avoid the risk of oxidation. Japanese artisans have chosen cast iron for making traditional Japanese teapots because this material is a good conductor and helps to accumulate and conserve heat for a long time. They keep the tea warm for one to two hours.


Imported from China in the twelfth century, Japanese tea is mainly associated with a fine green tea powder called Matcha tea which is one of the favorite drinks of the Japanese. This tea is mainly tasted during the traditional tea ceremony in Japan. Japanese matcha tea has many virtues. It has been considered for a long time by the Samurai as a medicine. It contains many beneficial elements that allow it to be endowed with important nutritional quality, and thus strengthen the immune system, fight against cholesterol but also to prevent cancer and aging of the skin.