Certifié Made in Japan
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12.50 CHF tax incl.

Tea box washi floral

This tea box in floral pattern protects all the benefits and flavors of your tea. Thanks to its hermetic closure, the flavors of your favorite drink is durably stored. By keeping the gap of the other ingredients, you can avoid tea leaf alteration of their quality.

The floral pattern and the different shades of blue are in the tradition and culture japanese, who prefer very often these colors and patterns reminiscent of nature in the ornamentation of the dishes.

The pattern is printed on paper " washi ", derived from the fibers of the kôzo (the mulberry tree). This paper has many qualities that allow him to offer a print quality second to none.

Its size allows you to store up to 200 g of your green tea preferred. Of what to optimize storage space in your kitchen or pantry.


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Tea box graphic