Certifié Made in Japan
Teapot tokoname 2 colors

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Teapot tokoname

In the purest tradition, this teapot is THE teapot, japanese par excellence. Its shape and color earth red to be representative of the ceramics of Tokoname. The black colour is most unusual, it is little used in Japan.

This teapot tokoname has been imported from Japan to offer you a beautiful object of high quality. Its curves and shape make it an original object for any european.

Specially designed for brewing japanese tea, this teapot will quickly become a vital part of your tea service.

It consists of a mixture of ceramic and stoneware. To extend its life, we advise you to clean it by hand.

The filter is located just "before" the spout. Thus, the tea is not constrained by a narrow filter and thus it can release all its aromas and flavours.


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Teapot tokoname 2 colors