In the traditional homes of the japanese, the floor is covered with tatami mats. The tatami japanese are made from rice straw. In order not to damage the soil, the japanese, you can generally ask to remove your shoes before entering. The tatami japanese, by its texture and soft colors, bring a true natural ambiance and zen to all of the houses. To sleep, even if the beds in the west are more frequent, the japanese futon laid on the floor on the tatami mats are still very much used in Japan. Contrary to popular belief, sleeping on the ground is not bad for the body. On the contrary, this allows for a better firmness of the bed. They are typically installed in the evening at bed time and stored in the morning. Thanks to this, the workpiece is free during the day and can be used for other things.

Our 5 beautiful cushions envelop you in a interior design of japanese style multicolor and ultra-modern ! These 5 different styles will create a unique atmosphere in your living room. You can associate the colors of these accessories to create a harmony, or a preference for contrasts to give the power s in your living room or bedroom. If you want a...

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The noren are small curtains, intended to decorate the interior of a home. This one, with its black background and gold motifs, is particularly elegant. The scene that is represented betrays the love and respect of japanese people for nature and animals. Thejapanese craftsmanship guarantees you a quality product, both by the fineness of detail that by the...

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