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Specializing in the sale of tableware produced in Japan, the online shop MADE IN JAPAN provides quality products to assist you in the preparation and tasting of your dishes. In addition to the asian style of its dishes and the colors soft and merry, decorate, shop, japan offers you to enter even more in the myth and the quiet atmosphere of the east. Enjoy your meals while soaking in the fragrance of incense in japanese that will relieve your nose by chasing away the bad smell from your home. To taste as it should be to the delight scent of your incense, MADE IN JAPAN, offers brand Nippon Kodo. The japanese company is one of leaders in the field of incense. Very popular in the country of the rising sun, the incense japanese that offers you the shop of japanese online will make your interior a place where it is good to breathe. Shop japanese offers you different scents. Enjoy a smell of wet and spicy with the scent, Myrrh, feel the depths of the forested land with the scent is Wise and to finish, let yourself be carried away by the exotic with the scent Frankicense. These different fragrances are to be used without restraint.

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Take a deep breath... What do you feel ? With one of our three scents, you will feel completely relaxed.e, energized(e) or sat(e Choose your scent depending on your mood. Each box of these incense japanese contains 60 sticks and incense holders. This small object allows you to collect the ashes of your sticks. Thus, once the combustion is complete, you...

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This box to the color of the sun contains 300 sticks of incense. What delight your nose for a long time ! Thanks to their fresh scent of sandalwood and pine, these sticks ofincense japanese flavor to your interior sophisticated way. Closing your eyes, you would see forests and wide-open spaces. Invite nature to join you for the duration of the combustion...

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To perfume your interior, you have the choice between the diffuser of perfumes and incense. Some people use as a pharmaceutical product. Incense is also often associated with religious rites or esoteric. This box incense japanese scent your interior with refinement. Its 300 sticks you provide a reserve perfume for some time ! The scent of wood and aloe of...

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Incense rolls japanese In perfumery, frankincense is used in the form of essence or absolute. Chosen for its woody smell, mineral, slightly spicy, and it fills the room with elegance and discretion. A certain religiosity and sacredness are associated with its use. Meditation, prayer or relaxation, it is you who choose when you book burning. Available in...

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Incense japanese different scents Some people do not see in the incense as a disseminator of perfumes, while others use it as a pharmaceutical product. It is also associated with religious rituals or esoteric. Available in 16 scents different, these boxes of incense japanese will fragrance your home with refinement. Every personality will find its account...

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Incense japanese rosewood The incense is known for its anti-inflammatory properties natural. He would also like an antidepressant due to its action on the parts of the brain that regulate mood. This box ofincense japanese contains 30 sticks, which embaumeront your home for 1 hour each. Elegant and warm, this scent woody invites you to voluptuousness....

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