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Encen different Japanese perfume This collection is available in more than 16 different fragrances of perfume, sandalwood , passing by the scent of jasmine or even perfume pink. There is a small door-encen in the box.

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Encen Japanese rosewood Boxes with 30 sticks Duration 60 minutes rosewood Nippon Kodo is, in our days, society is very dynamic and offers many varieties of frankincense, modern as well as traditional, most of which are produced in Japan. Of the Morning Star, the most famous in the west, the varieties containing sandalwood or wood Aloes.

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Encen rolls Japanese In perfumery itself, the incense is used in the form of an essence or an absolute. It is used for its woody smell, quite mineral, slightly spicy. The history of this matter and the religious symbols that are associated with it, its use in the perfume evokes a certain religiosity and confers a sacred aspect.

6.50 CHF
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