Scissors Japanese steel Chisel Japanese in stainless steel designed by the company Craft design Technology, this pair of scissors is like a beautiful sword of the samurai. A design universal blade is stainless steel for a perfect cut.

65.00 CHF

Stapler Japan This stapler has a construction in robust plastic and features a design angular unique. The stapler is small in size, which makes it easy to transport and takes up little space on your desktop.

21.00 CHF

Pencil case cook Case in pencil in cook genuine of high quality and treated to age gracefully made in Japan. Designed by the company japan's Craft Design Technology, the design elegant and compact design is perfect for carrying your pens and your pencils.

189.00 CHF

Pen pen Japanese this pen plastic has a feather on the soft plastic that makes the writing enjoyable. It is equipped with the innovative system of ink capillary Pentel, which allows the ink to flow evenly and uniformly down to the last drop. To use with the refills of fountain pen plastic MLJ20.

8.50 CHF

Pen pen Japanese Erase cleanly with his pen retractable multi-color which uses the heat generated by friction to erase its own ink.The heat generated by the erasure fact that the gel ink thermosensibl unique becomes clear and the words disappear completely.Unlike other pens, erasable,eraser does not erase. Uses the charging of ball frixion

24.00 CHF
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