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The tea service

In some countries, such as Japan, tasting tea has been a real art for centuries. The Japanese tea service is an essential element to its tasting. The Japanese tea services offered by Made in Japan are mainly traditional in style. These will delight all people sensitive to Asian culture and decoration. We offer services consisting of matching teapots and cups or just a set of cups. These small cups used to enjoy tea are called yunomi. Made in Japan is part of a qualitative approach to offer Japanese tea services handcrafted by Japanese master craftsmen passionate about the desire to create quality products that will emerge in the heart of Japanese culture.


Japanese tea boxes

Since men discovered tea centuries ago, the tea culture includes tea cans. Green tea, considered precious and refined for the Japanese, is very sensitive to light, heat and humidity. It must be protected to preserve all the flavors of tea. Originally these Japanese tea boxes were made with several layers of wood and cherry bark. Over time Japanese artisans have brought new techniques to the manufacture of Japanese tea boxes to arrive at the type of manufacturing that we know today. The ones we offer on the Made in Japan website are airtight and opaque. They are perfect for preserving tea. These Japanese tea boxes are also a way for artisans to showcase their talent as artists by producing Japanese tea boxes.


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