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Japanese dishes

Japanese crockery is renowned around the world for its quality and great refinement. Japanese artisans put all their know-how in the texture of the earth to bring softness and roughness to Japanese ceramics. Extremely varied in its forms and colors, Japanese ceramic tableware is composed of sober and clean lines. Setting the table for a meal is a pleasure and a pledge of good taste. In Japan, meals should be enjoyed both with the mouth and with the eyes. The table service, which is a palette of colors, is the main actor of a well-prepared table. The choice of your Japanese dishes should not be random. You have to consider the material, your personality and the occasion.


Japanese ceramics

Japanese ceramics is one of the oldest arts in Japan. Indeed, the first potteries are born 10,000 years ago during the prehistoric era. They were made for a purely utilitarian purpose but already have a very beautiful aesthetic aspect. Today, Japanese pottery is made in many local workshops by Japanese master craftsmen and has become more sophisticated and sophisticated over the years. It gives a wide range of raw or glazed terracotta, pottery, sandstone but also porcelain.

  • Ceramic Crafts: The favorite material of Japanese pottery artisans is the sandstone which consists of both clay and sand.
  • Porcelain ceramics: the white gold of the Japanese, that is to say, porcelain is one of the most resistant materials for the manufacture of elegant and original Japanese dishes. Thanks to the enamelling they undergo, porcelain plates do not scratch easily and have a long life.


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