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Pair chopsticks japanese red

The hashi, or chopsticks, japanese, refers to the utensil with which the japanese catch their food in their bowls, their plates or their bentos. Their handling requires a bit of practice, but once mastered, you will find that you eat less quickly and that you get more out of your meals. A positive point for your health !

The elegance and the chic of the red do is bound to continue not with this pair of chopsticks original. The upper extremities, you will be able to observe small designs hand-painted. The contrast of red and white demonstrates once more the quality of the dexterity developed by master craftsmen of japan. Anxious to offer their customers products that last in time, they select carefully the wood that makes up their chopsticks.

To extend their work and preserve the beauty of your chopsticks, we recommend washing by hand.

Longueur : 22.50 cm


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