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Japanese knives have their origins in the manufacture of Japanese swords. Each craftsman has his own technique to produce the best knives possible. They are distinguished from Western ones by the placement of their equilibrium point. Indeed, unlike Western knives whose weight is mainly on the upper part of the knife, the Japanese knife is balanced at its center. In addition, they are sharpened only on one side and exist in different shapes, sizes and sharp edges.

Knife japanese stainless steel The japanese are perfectionists. The weight of this knife is distributed in an equitable way, for a perfect balance between the handle and the blade. The curve of the handle provides optimal ease of use. The lines of this kitchen knife japanese make a utensil contemporary appearance, streamlined shape. A careful production,...

129.00 CHF

Japanese knife santoku stainless steel Craft traditional japanese, not stingy with perfection. The weight of this kitchen knife japanese is evenly distributed between the handle and the blade, in order to achieve the total balance. This knife is made up of a single piece : the blade is the direct continuation of the handle. With this utensil in hand, you...

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