Bells cast in iron

In order to bring a touch of authenticity and whimsy to your home, opt for our bells cast iron japanese set on the walls of your home or to be placed at the entrance of your home or on your terrace. Replacing the doorbell as usual, it will bring an undeniable charm to your home. The cast iron bell japanese would give a real touch of originality to your exterior by hosting with singularity your guests.

It serves neither to sound the end of the course, or to gather your guests around your table. What you can also you use it for that ! This very pretty bell wind tintera with sweetness and melody, when a current of air will come the tickling ! Looks like a flower is reversed, the cast iron bell blue gives a note of poetry to your decorating japanese...

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Bell wind japanese cast iron It is said that the bells wind repel evil spirits when they jingle in the wind. It is also said that if one writes a poem or a message on the label, at the end of the cord, the wind takes it away... Manufactured in cast iron, this bell japanese weather resistant. Clinging to the facade of your house or behind a door, its...

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Bell wind Japanese cast iron In Japan, the church bells wind repousseraient the evil spirits by ringing. Composed of multiple elements resonating, a bell japanese moves when there is wind or if it is hung near a door, each movement of the latter, producing a chime sound pleasant. Some are covered with decorations that have been developed. Named "furin" in...

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This is not the end of the recess, or a reminder to the college that you sonnerez with this bell to wind ! In Japan, the church bells wind have a function poetics. The people who cling to a home, they often write a wish or poem on the vane, in the hope that the wind and realize this wish... With this bell to wind, not only will you have the pleasure of...

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