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Decoration japanesee interior

The japanese decor of the interior is based on the culture of Japan that focuses on respecting the environment and nature. It is synonymous with simplicity, balance and tranquility. Each element used to calm and to show a zen-like ambience. This nature is prominent in the decoration of japanese interior through the use of flower patterns and natural materials. The wood is undoubtedly the most commonly used material in the decoration of japanese interior and especially the bamboo, which brings peace and tranquility to your home. It is not uncommon to find plants typically japanese, such as bonsai, for example.
In addition, the colors are chosen with great care, very often in light tones (white, beige, brown, gray,...) in order to bring serenity to your interior. The light is also a must to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The furniture japanese

The furniture japanese is intended to be primarily simple and functional. Each item in the room is adapted to the uses and customs of the country. Most of the furniture in japanese are down to the ground. For example, the japanese have a tradition of taking their meal and enjoy the tea sitting on cushions on the floor in various patterns, and bright colours. Because of this, these tables are low to the ground. In addition, one of the symbols of the furniture japanese is the mat positioned on the floor in the traditional parts of the japanese. They offer a real comfort to the room with the padding used natural in its design.

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