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Incense Japanese

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Incense japanese rosewood

The incense is known for its anti-inflammatory properties natural. He would also like an antidepressant due to its action on the parts of the brain that regulate mood.

This box ofincense japanese contains 30 sticks, which embaumeront your home for 1 hour each. Elegant and warm, this scent woody invites you to voluptuousness.

Nippon Kodo offers many varieties of incense, aromas, contemporary or more traditional, most of which are produced in Japan.

The incense sticks are classics of the decoration in the interiors in japanese.

After you have insured.e than the smoke released by the combustion of your stick is white (non-harmful), let yourself go to a time of meditation, relaxation or prayer.

Position your stick on a stable and non-combustible in order to avoid any risk of fire.


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Incense Japanese