Set of 5 cups tokusa

55.50 CHF tax incl.

Hauteur : 6,0 cm
Diamètre : 9,0 cm
Ceramic-porcelain -


Blue and white
Hand wash
Cardboard box
Set of 5 cups lines

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Perfect for storing tea, Japanese tea cans coming directly from Japan are equipped with a double lid. The hermetic closure of the lid of these boxes guarantees a tea that will keep its freshness and its aromas longer. Traditional Japanese tea boxes have Japanese motifs often in bloom and are also decorative elements in the kitchen or living room. They are an original gift for all tea lovers and help protect tea leaves.


If Japan is known for its different drinks, tea is probably one of the most shared in the world. Made in Japan offers you a range of Japanese cups and mugs to enjoy your tea or other hot drinks. Discover our Japanese cups and mugs made of porcelain, ceramic or sandstone created thanks to the expertise of the Japanese master craftsmen and offering a wide variety of colors and patterns.


The origin of Japanese cast iron teapots dates back to the 11th-12th centuries. These traditional Japanese teapots have a finely enameled interior to avoid the risk of oxidation. Japanese artisans have chosen cast iron for making traditional Japanese teapots because this material is a good conductor and helps to accumulate and conserve heat for a long time. They keep the tea warm for one to two hours.