Certifié Made in Japan
Plates in unit 2 color choice

18.50 CHF tax incl.

Plates to the unit - choice of 2 colours

These 2 plates japanese décoreront your table with discretion. Decorated with hatch marks made with blue ink, they are the basis of all service ware. They have been selected by Made in Japan after a meeting with the artisan, directly in his workshop, in order to offer you products manufactured in the respect of customs.

Mix of tradition and modernity, these plates will find easily their place in your closet. They will soon become your best allied to create a original table. The mixture of the white and blue will harmonize with other colors more vibrant and makes your dishes timeless.

The quality of this dinnerware japanese design assures you a high resistance to micro-waves and dishwasher-safe for everyday use. You can use it on all occasions : festive meals, daily meal or just for snacking !


Blue and white
the room
Plates in unit 2 color choice